Jaime Longa Fine Art
Prayers for a Dying WorldWithout a FaceSelf-PortraitHead StudyConversionThe LowlyTriuneAscentHead StudyTransienceChurch and State"Rebirth""Blessed John Paul II"The InnocentsPortraitPraying Through the StreetsEnd of the DaySacred SilenceFaithAtoning LambMisericordiaMisericordia (detail)Misericordia (detail)Beneath the FleshEternityMemento MoriHarmonyWeapons of WarThe Temporal and the EternalWhen We Play GodWhen We Play God (detail)When We Play God (detail)The Great DivideCycleSelf PortraitA Mother's LoveMaking Ends MeetCountrysideThe Artists' Sink (study 1)The Artists' Sink (study 2)Marriage (Portrait of Dr. Carlos and Kimberlee Longa)PrayersThe Death of MeUnified DiversitySelf PortraitUtopiaFoundation of StoneSign of the TimesMarriageImmigrantTito BobBread and WineCarlos LongaCarlos LongaSelf PortraitPlacemat MakerCrosswordSaints Peter and PaulHead StudyThinkingHead StudyBrandyRosaryGregory (study)Study 1Study 2
Welcome! Here is presented a current breadth of my body of work along with information regarding exhibitions. The site is updated regularly so be sure to check back to view the most recent pieces. Enjoy!

Art is one of the greatest gifts given to humanity with power for expression both individually and universally. I see it as my vocation to communicate visually in a way that invites viewers to grasp not only the beauty of things that are seen, but ultimately the beauty of things that are unseen. This for me is the most wonderful form of artistic communication, to allow others to experience truth and beauty beyond what meets the eye such as in love, mercy, hope, and, above all else, in God. My work engages many different themes ranging from social justice to sublime scenes, spiritual figurative work to allegorical still lives, striving to find the beautiful and the good in the many subjects available to the artist. I believe art is inherently spiritual, thus making it inseparable from my Catholic faith in Jesus Christ. I maintain always a respect and openness towards all viewers and while keeping my art honest and sincere since this is the only way towards self expression and individuality. Art is a gift that is to be shared and it is my hope that this work will be for the benefit of all viewers in bringing them closer to beauty and it's source.